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Initiating a startup is more like wandering in the darkness without knowing much of what is lying ahead. It needs to be nurtured and raised like a child in its infancy. Startups often bank on a unique business idea, which is underdeveloped and requires support. They also have limited resources and require the optimal use of funds available at their disposal. StartupBug goes with its title, understanding your particular needs and help by creating special partnership plans. We understand that entrepreneurship can come about in every field and needs quite a lot of technological support that it can get from us to achieve success.

Our services are labelled with passion

Providing Value To Startups

We are truly passionate about working with entrepreneurs and are always willing to offer the best software and app development solution for business pioneers. This is the central benefit for startups that work with us.

Fast Turn Up Time

We offer swift submissions for startups in all development spheres. Our efficient team can take on any software development project and accomplish it within a period stipulated by the client.

Working Innovatively

We simply adore innovation, and if you have an innovative idea for your startup, we can surely pitch in and create a unique technical solution to make it a success with our expert approach.

Continually Learning & Growing

We keep learning and growing with the startups that hire us for any of their website purpose. Understanding the special needs that startups have permit us to offer them the benefit of joining us on their journey to prosperity and success.

Our Startup Development Methodology

1. Starting Off

We kick off with a blank canvas, and then add your ideas for our development team, essential tools, and latest technology. Our designing and development staff members include full-stack software engineers, project managers, quality assurance testers, and UI/UX designers.

Startup Development Process

2. Effective Coding

We’re overzealous about writing and applying a clean code. We’ll craft your software to grow with your business, so you can add new features, new platforms, and enable updates as your business expands.

Startup Business Solutions
Startup Business Solutions

3. Right Technology

We’re platform maestros which allows us to find and utilize the appropriate software technology solutions that will scale with your business. Our only criterion is employing what you need to accomplish the project successfully.

4. Innovatively Imaginative

Our team of software engineers and designers hold a unique capacity for developing innovative, cutting-edge software and other web-related products designed exclusively for the good of your startup business.

Startup Business Solutions
Startup Business Solutions

5. Lasting Support

StartupBug provides lasting client support to your startup, all the way from your first contact with us through a dedicated maintenance and support department, till after launch and beyond.

From Prototype To The Final Product

StartupBug takes up your initiative from scratch while keeping the costs well within your reach and develop a prototype. The MVP is all about dispersing and selling an idea you haven’t built yet, on which you receive feedback and suggestions for applying to the final version of the product.

Our MVP Construction Process

Ample Market Research

Clear Concept Expression

Convenient UI & UX

Prioritizing MVP Features

Finalizing Your MVP

Evaluation, Knowledge And Construction

Our Great Helping Features

We nurture a comprehensive understanding of the startup needs for which we offer different partnership models, based on your specific requirements.

  • Technology Partnerships

    After evaluating the potential of your unique startup idea, we make it even more innovative by blending it with our own expertise, blending it with our own expertise. We can help you with all phases of development and implementation to achieve the best business results.

  • Installment Plans

    We understand the difficulty of procuring cash resources by a startup required at one go. Thus, we offer installment plans that allow you to pay in easy-to-manage proportions, ensuring your business can maintain liquidity needs.

  • Special Discounts

    We understand the restrictions and limitations of startups and offer them special discounts for them to succeed at their very onset. This also includes consultation and business evaluation conducted FREE OF COST.

Contrary to popular belief

Sed ut perspiciatis

Sed ut perspiciatis

Sed ut perspiciatis

Where does it come from?

  • 100+ Web Visit Focused Keywords.
  • Full Website Audit
  • Pages Optimized (upto 15 pages)
  • 15 Focused Keywords Targeting
  • Focused on Ranking Regionally
  • Keyword Research
  • Keyword Grouping

Industries That Come Under Our Creative Net

Lifestyle      Entertainment      Shopping      Music     Photo & Video     Insurance & Indemnity    Food & Drink

Medical     Travel & Tourism     Health & Fitness    Finance & Banking     Business      Education      Law & Legislature

The StartupBug THINK LAB

Innovating novel ideas, inventing offbeat trends and creating a unique user experience – just how we like it!

We own a separate insightful department that is dedicated to thinking over and producing novel ideas which we can develop and incorporate into your startup all in one platform to grant you a competitive edge over your contemporary businesses.

Our Think Lab members take into consideration the market research, competitive analysis, technical analysis, brand positioning, and marketing processes to create and bring in ideas we can integrate and build an experience that aptly conveys the same message as your brand strategy.

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