Acquire Marketplace Revenue As A Bonus

As an extension of your current website offering, trading in the Marketplace will act as an extra income source. Your new sales will be additive without having an adverse impact on your current portal site activity. This medium offers you access to a massive new audience for your brand or product. It also allows you to exercise full control over your brand message and pricing. StartupBug enables you to reach and sell to millions of new buyers while processing and fulfilling orders from a single inventory resource. Recognized for its rich feature-set, we are the first choice solution for leading startups and enterprises around the world.

Our Award Winning Features That Make Your Brands “Hot”

Our team builds turnkey, tailor-made marketplaces that surpass your clients’ expectations. We craft our solutions with dexterity to match our client’s specific business models, and support them every step of the way. We offer the most comprehensive and complete solution for services, rentals and on-demand marketplaces. Below listed are some of our services we provide in order to automate your processes.

The Artwork & Design

Our pool of creative and talented artists and designers create appealing graphics and game-assets for 2D, Isometric and 3D mobile games that are mobile friendly and highly optimized to perform well.

Optimized Listing Creation

To improve on-boarding conversion rates and make the process easier for your users, sellers are able to create their account and post their listings in a single easy step.

Automatic Search Extension

If there aren’t enough results from a customer search, the geographic area of the search is automatically extended whilst always favoring the results that are closest to the original search location.

Management of Prices and Reductions

For high-volume or priority orders, sellers can select their base fare, and then list any discounts or cuts they deem appropriate to apply. This gives way to a competitive marketplace and helps vendors maximize their earning.

Date-Based Price Variations

Sellers can hone their revenues by setting their price in accordance with the season, specific dates, and different days of the week.

Comprehensive Rating Systems

To build trust and value within your marketplace community, an all-encompassing rating system enables users to make dual (sellers and buyers rate each other) or single (buyer to seller only) comments and ratings based on the activity.


E-mail Notifications

Your platform is able to send brief and explanatory emails to your clients for every important event you want them to know, be it new orders, payments, upcoming expirations, ratings, reminders, or even some suggestions.

We Get it Done As Per Our Visionary Excellence

We keep in view the ongoing industry trends, and craft the most sought after products that lets you kickoff promptly with minimal cash input. Online marketplaces are generally categorized into three major groups:

  • B2B (Business to Business)
  • B2C (Business to Customer)
  • C2C (Customer to Customer)

StartupBug provides a made-to-measure approach for each marketplace class. We bring years of experience creating innumerable domestic and foreign marketplaces for our clientele.

Employee Management  |   Attendance Management  |   Leave Management
Account Management   |    Payroll Management   |   Vendor Management   |   HRMS Customization

Industries That Come Under Our Creative Net

Lifestyle      Entertainment      Shopping      Music     Photo & Video     Insurance & Indemnity    Food & Drink

Medical     Travel & Tourism     Health & Fitness    Finance & Banking     Business      Education      Law & Legislature

The StartupBug THINK LAB

Innovating novel ideas, inventing offbeat trends and creating a unique user experience – just how we like it!

We own a separate insightful department that is dedicated to thinking over and producing novel ideas which we can develop and incorporate into your marketplace platform to grant you a competitive edge over your contemporary businesses.

Our Think Lab members take into consideration the market research, competitive analysis, technical analysis, brand positioning, and marketing processes to create and bring in ideas we can integrate and build an experience that aptly conveys the same message as your brand strategy.

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