Our Clients

Seeing our client’s business prosper has always been our top priority


We Keep Our Clients In Our Vicinity

One thing that we do more often with our clients that is seldom cared for in other organizations — we listen to them intently. Our cutting-edge expertise defines your brand effectively in a client-oriented tone the world over. Our clients are our partners in success. We make our clients partner in our brainstorming process while collecting and implementing new ideas on various computer-based platforms to gain a competitive edge.

Spreading Exuberance In A 360° Direction

We enjoy a fabulous clientele the world over. Here are some of the honorable mentions:

Microsoft Client
CocaCola Client
Johnson&Johnson Client
Grasshopper Client
Comodo Client

Why Call On StartupBug?

We believe that dedication and commitment are an essential set of skills in their own right. With an already saturated competitive market, any digital agency that is projected at being standing apart from the rest certainly needs more than a couple of fairly good reasons to stay towering and prominent. We attribute our cutting-edge renown and success to the below mentioned qualities, only found in rare breeds:

  • Holistic and realistic approach
  • All-round integrity and persistence
  • Honesty and dependability
  • Ways of dreaming and achieving BIG
  • Belief in being diverse and open-minded
  • Unflinching commitment to transforming global communities
  • Global presence serving virtually in every geography
  • Practicing collaboration, communication, and transparency

See How Our Clients Love Us….

“These StartupBug people had a truly appreciable portfolio. I was thoroughly impressed. We got a mobile app developed by them, and what an experience it turned out to be!! They got every complication under control, turning up our desired app over both iOS and Android platforms. I’m just going for another app development to them, without a second thought.”

Jake Orleans

(Business Head)

“Apart from their excellent work, there’s another cherry to the cake: their team always kept me updated with my task at all phases. StartupBug was fully attentive to my feedback and did their best, exactly what I needed. From their powerful and prompt communication, they in a way made me train my support team on the same grounds.”

Mr. David Magnum

(Business Development Executive)

“The StartupBug team deserves all accolades with respect to their pricing, their timely project submission, with hardly any issues coming forth. The project manager, even the CEO, was readily available whenever I turned to any of them. I think this is their true power: they listen and react.”

Miss Sarah McCarthy

(Project Manager & Developer)