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Getting bespoke HRM system solutions has never been this easy and perfectly shaped out. With StartupBug team, these solutions perform dual functions: letting you earn more clients and more revenue. And, through comprehensive human resource solutions all under one roof, your one of the most essential departments stays organized with our full-packed power features. With advanced features and tools developed in the application process, our HRMS has enhanced to such an extent that it can become an indispensable part of any corporate organization.

Time Management

  • Development of integrated biometric attendance systems
  • Manage shifts, time clock, and functionality of both on-site and remote employees
  • Track attendance of employees along with full-day and half-day leaves
  • Keep a track of mandatory rest breaks and meetings
  • Generate reports with attendance and patterns of absenteeism
  • Reduce errors in paychecks by linking this to leave, payroll and accounting systems

Employee Training

  • Module letting the creation and management of training courses within the company
  • Training coordinators and ESS employees able to keep a track of all the courses that they have been assigned to, as well as leave feedback.
  • Internal and external training courses for an employee can be defined
  • Scheduling training sessions and adding the relevant employees
  • Enabling filtering and creating reports

Recruiting Systems

  • Efficiently managing thousands of application forms and helping the managers in locating the most promising talent
  • Connecting the system to the employee database for easy future reference
  • Helping to filter out the useful from a heap of assorted profiles in much lesser time

Roster Management

  • Simple and efficient management of regular work and altering shift timings
  • Fully customized creation of multiple work shifts
  • Ability to make periodic rotations for working

ESS Management

  • Permitting employees to monitor schedules, time shifts, and payroll
  • Allowing employees to modify personal details like address, phone number, email, banking information
  • Facilitating submission and approval of leave requests

User Dashboard

  • Employee self-help portal empowering your employees by allowing them to access, maintain and update their personal information
  • Streamlining communication and saving the HR managers time and effort for other essential operations

Manage Your Workforce At Your Fingers

Yes, that’s true to every alphabet of it! Prior to designing and developing a HRM software dedicated to your company, we take into consideration all the aspects of your place that determine your overall organizational ins and outs. And of course, no employee numbers can produce any sort of constraint in our professional outcome. What you receive from us is a complete HRMS suite that presents an array of useful modules, each developed for an ideal employee administration. This detailed, integrated system keeps all team members on the same track.

How We Provide Coverage To All Human Resource Sectors

It’s a fact now long known that tailored approach always lies at the lower side of expenditure graph. So, getting it done your own way always incurs lesser costs. In order to exercise complete access to and for the employees, our solution providers can help out with the following management techniques.

  • Employee Management
  • Attendance Management
  • Leave Management
  • Account Management
  • Payroll Management
  • Vendor Management
  • HRMS Customization

Employee Management  |   Attendance Management  |   Leave Management
Account Management   |    Payroll Management   |   Vendor Management   |   HRMS Customization

Industries That Come Under Our Creative Net

Lifestyle      Entertainment      Shopping      Music     Photo & Video     Insurance & Indemnity    Food & Drink

Medical     Travel & Tourism     Health & Fitness    Finance & Banking     Business      Education      Law & Legislature

The StartupBug THINK LAB

Innovating novel ideas, inventing offbeat trends and creating a unique user experience – just how we like it!

We own a separate insightful department that is dedicated to thinking over and producing novel ideas which we can develop and incorporate into your HRM platform to grant you a competitive edge over your contemporary businesses.

Our Think Lab members take into consideration the market research, competitive analysis, technical analysis, brand positioning, and marketing processes to create and bring in ideas we can integrate and build an experience that aptly conveys the same message as your brand strategy.

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