Our Company

We have become synonymous with technological advancement in a digital world

Our Company

What We Are All About

We are everything about quality, about professionalism, about setting new standardization norms within the World Wide Web. With literally thousands of organizations of all shapes and sizes that consider StartupBug as one of their prime competitors, we carry along our own set of unique traits and abide by them in true spirit. From all sorts of web stuff to smart mobility platform to cloud-based computing solutions, we impart that touch of character and class for a slick experience

Down The Memory Lane

Let’s drive back a little when StartupBug saw its inception about 5 years back. It was the brainchild of Mr. Salman Khan, an experienced entrepreneur and a true visionary. Since then, this firm has become a passion for its in-house workers, vendors, suppliers and affiliates alike. Beginning from the provision of simple, base solutions, we have seen businesses thriving and flourishing phenomenally. From a team of a few founding core members, we are now a corporate gang of 220+ onboard. But, we aren’t definitely anchoring here.

Our Company

Our Mission

We aim at being an authority in letting our clients adapt to the futuristic approach in all business categories. For the purpose of delivering out-of-the-box solutions and reign supreme in our industry, we duly embrace and propagate the digital philosophy.

Our Vision

Our exemplary vision is to create an amiable atmosphere wherein emerging trends and technologies are rapidly imbibed by the business community, to affect a positive change. Through our reliable and potent resources we have envisioned to aid online businesses pull in, engage and acquire prospective customers with the help of our premium, unrivaled and highly personalized modern computing solutions